Sunday, 16 August 2009

And this was the reason why I rolled in late to bloc party. Regina Spektor was someone else who I was super hyped about seeing at t (so of course the two had to clash). already caught her live but I think I prefer her that way, especially if she’s performing her later stuff. Don’t know about you, but does anyone else feel like her last two albums are a little… over produced? It may just be my fetish for classical instruments, but can’t help but feel a lot of her stuff works better when it’s left to speak for itself.

{/wanky rant}

Oh man, the contrast between what was happening on stage with the crowd was hilarious. It was kinda surreal listening to swaths of beery larger louts professing ‘ow much they fukin’ loved the meek little woman tinkling the piano while batting inflated condoms about the tent. Bizarre.

And oh wow. While bumbling through spotify’s audio library, I have come across a version of jump in the line featuring back up vocals by TEH DEVIL. it's a little bit freaky.

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