Wednesday, 24 August 2011

collecting faces at the moment. and totally not in the creepy, buffalo "it puts the lotion on its skin" bill kind of way...

in other news, is it me or does one of these songs sound kinda-sorta a whole lot like the other?


Monday, 22 August 2011

sketchbooking from madrid. oh my gosh. that place has the most UNBELIEVABLE zoo. if you're ever in that neck of the wood, hop on the unbelievably cheap subway they've got there and check it out. they've got pretty much everything under the sun (including a couple of things that need to be seen to be believed (goony-looking, long nosed turtle thing, i'm looking at you!).

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

aaaaaaand some more pages from the macmillan book. hopfully going to get the last three pages drawn by the end of the weekend... and then get them all coloured, photoshopped and ready to before next thursday when i bugger off on holiday? AH HA HA HA HA. LIKE THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.

ah well. you can always hope.

in the mean time, i never saw black dynamite BUT i did CATCH THE PILOT FOR THE ANIMATED SHOW OVER AT THE NERDIST. holy moly. this shit is amazing. as so beutifully animated too.

pimps don't do chores, yo.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

just some goofy little drawings for something i'm trying to throw together.

gosh, everything about this post is a bit balls. to make it worth your while, CHECK OUT THIS TOTALLY AWESOME PAGE SEAN GORDON MURPHY POSTED ON HIS DA PAGE. ooooooooooooh man. what a totally dope bit of story telling, and such delicious layout too...

Monday, 8 August 2011

doodle-caboodling! so this time round, the theme's 'pictorial charades'. think i may have put this one forward only because of my massive, drippy love for all forms of word play.

two words, it's a band.

but seriously, check out that blog. folk have been submitting some well jammy stuff.

sketchbook stuff, featuring casualties of shitty drawing.

aaaaaaaaand on the subject of making mistakes, here's another bitching talk from the good folk at TED:

Friday, 5 August 2011

another demotivational poster for the holiday product that was scratched out with a shiny new photoshop brush i recently downloaded.

oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. this thing is amazing. if you're one for drawing with a tablet, you should deffinatly DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT HERE ASAP. SO GOOOOOOOD.

some scribble from the second year sketch book. YEAH. BEEP IF YOU HEART CLOSE CROPPING.

aaaaaaaaand another page of that macmillan malarky (jesus, alex. what the fuck is this post? alliterating in the AM?). don't know if it's some form of stockholm syndrome, but i think i could happily draw silly wonk-factor five buildings all day long...
huh. turns out i did some rather funky maths the last time i posted one of these pages. turns out there's only 15 days to draw the last 6 pages and colour all 9. that's still... do-able...


P.S HERE'S ANOTHER BLOG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK OUT! this post features some crazy awesome illustrations by kent rockwell for paul bunyan. check out those crazy cool initial caps! man, what ace designing. but this guy's whole blog's worth checking out, especially for those who thought our history of art lectures gave the short shrift to the history of illustration...

continuing the process of tarting the shit out of the old moleskin. god damn madrid. you were a bag of fun. so very, very excited for wherever they're going to cart us off to next year.

in other news, here is a lolarious podcast about how totally fucking awful hip hop lyrics can be. if i could write shit like this, i would be oh so happy.6.19: Worst Hip Hop Lyrics and Rapper Names of All Time

oh the liberty. i really should be working on you ever waking moment but i'm totally blowing you off this month. i should also probably be reading up for the dissitation right now instead of pottering around on blogger.


i am so happy whenever the air ship docks come up in this book. sure, it means the pages take like 9 million years to draw but whatever, stella.

in other news, when i grow up, i would very much like to be this lady:

this song/video combo is utterly exquisite. came its way after listening to EPISODE 2 OF THE MAKING IT PODCAST over at the nerdist. i would recommend it if you like stories about creative people prevailing. just... try not to rip out your ears when the glee-tastic theme song kicks in....