Thursday, 22 March 2012

old stuff! because this blog is more behind the times than a caveman in power shoulders:

these are from the four-project-pre-mid-year-assesment-cluster-fuck days. this project was all about coming up with some pretty pictures for a few lucy mangan columns. yeeeeaaaaah.

reggie watts came up in conversation the other day. hot dog, that man is genius. if you like beat boxing, loop machines and mad, rambling improvised streams of consciousness, give him a go!:

in other other news, we went to antwerp last week. good gravy did we draw the shit out of that place. god knows how we managed that between all the beer and general good times. expect a barrage of sketchbook nonsense and photos from that in the not too distant future. in the mean time, here's a picture of resident art man extrodiner aldous to hold you over:

guys. man can draw.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


but really, trying to work from multiple pages from multiple sketch books was making me want to re-enact that scene from scanners. while we're tinkering away on our Final Major Projects, we're meant to be entering another competition. seeing as doing the macmillan last year was a total blast, i figured to be gloriously adventurous and have another crack at it. hoo har. goal for today is to get two of the three style tests licked.

*switch game face to the 'on' position*

and some sketch book crap that made its way into the scanner. unfortunately, these sentiments could very well apply to today as well. boo.

well. that's that for the muswell hill project. until you get around to over-hauling the damn thing of course! urr-hur-hurr.

speaking of all things reportage-y, let's segway right on over to something far more exciting. every year, the illustration department packs their bags and sods off to another corner of the globe for a couple of days. come this time tomorrow, we'll be making tracks to antwerp. holy shit. i am alex's barely contained sense of excitement. srsly. i cannot even begin to tell you how much i'm looking forward to this. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.

last year we did madrid. here's an incredibly cool video adam clauge made documenting the whole thing (that link will only take you to his post concerning said trip, but you should really do yourself a favour and check out the rest of his blog. boy can paint/ draw/ take a photo/ bake/ make pasta/ like you couldn't believe).

Madrid Uni Trip from ALEKADZIE on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


bonus round; i haven't played a video game in like forever, but for some reason i just can't get enough of kumail nanjiani and emily v gordon discussing them over on their podcast at the nerdist. in this particular nugget of entertainment, they chat about racism in games. hilarity ensues.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

just some quick character sketches for the Final Major Project project. fuck me. that sounds a little scary. hopefully by the 14th of may, i'll have made a totally sweet digital comic based on the first part of toby barlow's sharp teeth. fingers crossed. more on that as it happens!

i have been listening to a wonderful amount of bloc party while working on this.

in the mean time, former middlesexer nadine is taking part in talenthouse's masterdon competition. you can check out that good stuff right RIGHT HERE. bon chance and all that jazz