Thursday, 21 May 2009

worksheet for the 'rats' thing. inittially, i wanted to go with setting it out like a diagram but then i realised that the rectangular perimeter wouldn't work and i thought that a giant invisible sphere would just look plain goofy. ah, should have tried it, but i think at that point i was all like 'oh snap, my interview is right now'.

i don't mind rats... except when they're holding onto you with thier little grippy feet. that's not so cool.

oh scanner, why do you insist on not scanning certain parts of the page no matter how i place it on you?

did you know that the ancient romans didn't differnetiate rats from mice? instead, they just refered to them as 'mus maximum' (big mouse).


Monday, 18 May 2009

supah dupah rough designs for the cover of the first issue of the comic. i think the plan is to go with #1, but give it a shot of dynamism in the arm first.

currently inked 13/22 pages. i would love love LOVE to get all the inking out of the way this week but that is so not going to happen.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

yeah, this is slightly backwards seeing as all the planning came right at the very end. this is another illustration for the student paper but instead of going with an articlw, this is going to be accompanying a poem. it's a rather noir-ish take on wayward partners. if i'd had more time, i would have done something far more atmospheric and detailed since it totally deserved it.

much prefer the tighter crop. with the focus on her smile and the eyes obscured, she hopfully comes off as waaaaaay colder. not sure if the tiny finger prints come off clearly though- wanted a visual that would be associated with the crime genra but maybe they're too small? all the more reason to go with the tighter crop.

holy moly. did someone order an extra order of THIGHS?

it's true.


i... have no idea what's going on with this project. apparantly one of the people on the comittee asked for a new version of the poster without running it past anyone else. blew an afternoon on it, but it looks like people prefered the red and yellow version you can find floating around here.

well, whatever. need to find out what the fuck's going on though because boss man's dropped out of the kerfuffle compleatly.

good for him i say.

in the mean time though, enjoy this slightly more official looking update.

aaaaaaand that's that for the coffee cups. eugh, if somebody acctually knew how to use photo shop, i would have done something about the vpl (er, that's visible paper line) blighting this, uh, series with it's ta-ta-tattyness.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

more stuff for the student journal, this time for an article about a tone deaf girl who was duped into thinking she was the next maria callis.

eh, not sure if her inability to hit a note comes through here. should have done something to make the stanza in the back ground more painful/aggressive/dischorded.

last post i was waxing on about gabriel ba. he and his brother are a super talented pair. please, check them out ->

and speaking of ripping things off...

i tottally gorged on gabriel ba with a back to back reading of the umbrella acadamy and cassanova TPBs. my god, that man can draw the the shit out of a comic.

but yeah, it's lead to me starting up my milk tost imperssination of him again with this illustration for the student paper. i didn't get a chance to read the article which was super crap on my part but i think it's about students sneaking into high-society events. uuuugh, this was done very late at night with very little planning and thought. i have no idea how they're going to fit it into the page. the paper's only a5 but this thing's got akward dimensions so it's probably going to be super tiny.

artistic angst asides, may i present to you a super awsome trailer:

oh HELLS yes.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

cover for the third issue of the student magaize. golly gee, i just for the life of me can't think what this month's theme could be...

christ. they could hook a van der graaff generator up to rodchenko and probably power a small village with his spinning corpse for all the times i've ripped him off.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

rough work from this mysterious 'job' i keep alluding to. basically, the head honcho over at renegade arts was super kind enough to let me do the art for a two issue... mini-series? they're running. 


seriously, it is so much fun and i am so grateful to the people who are letting me cut my teeth on this.  i was with them at bristol comic con yesterday and they're all super cool people. i also got to meet gary erskine ( who is like the nicest human being ever.

the series is being announced at san deago  comic con (!!!!!!!) so more on it after that. my god, does this more than make up for not getting into my first choice uni.

p.s sadly, we did not go for the flying tennis ball robot design. sad face.

holy crap. main girl's face was re-drawn so, SO many times.

on the upside though, i discovered that white gel pens make a really nice substitute for tipex. ok, so it's a little more translucent but when it comes time to re ink that bitch, it doesn't feel like you're drawing on the surface of the moon.

yeah, things have been preeeeeety inactive around here recently. between preparing for university interviews, failing university interviews and the latest job, things have been a little... busy.

so in the mean time, enjoy this really exciting illustration for a shipping law talk about tankers locking down their cargo.  wheeeeeeee!  

Sunday, 3 May 2009

another part of the cup series.
i really don't know what the hell i had against starbucks back last year when i got the idea for this... in fact, i don't think there were any bad feelings at all.
... i think it was all just an excuse to draw kelptomanic mermaids. in hind-sight, the flow of that tentecal sucks balls. needs to be waaaay more fluid.... although acctually i think it might work with the gaps between the line up of cups.
did you know that starbucks is named after the first mate in moby dick? initially, the company wanted to go with pequod, abham's doomed ship, but pr didn't warm to that idea.
also, may i recomend you all go out and watch simon schama's bbc series 'power of art'. i've pretty much blew through 5 out of 8 hours of it yesterday while i was working and it is GOOD stuff. ok, so the guy may be a little forthright with his intentions but it's a really interesting examination of the selected artists and the production on it is BEAUTIFUL.