Friday, 23 December 2011

so with that whole christmas thing round the corner, i guess it's probably SEASONAL BLOG DUMP TIME.

so as part of our efforts to make the green to cover the degree show, our year set up shop for the last week of term. folk made a whole ton of funky festive themed stuff. one of the things we put together was an advencalendar. ok, so we didn't choose the most time effective way to put it together, but it ended up looking pretty tight! not to mention all the artwork everyone did. here's my offering:

asides from that, people also made a tone of cards and decorations. check these out!:

fredrick eden's christmas cards. perfect for animal lovers everywhere.

eileen kwan's totally dapper cards and labels.

these hand made decorations abi moulder put together. whoar

aaaaaaaaand here's the art for the cards i whipped up:

well that was that. MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR TOMORROW! oh man, i hope you all have a great one.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

a little work in progress. the (still unfinished) brighton rock comic project was getting dangerously close to turning me into a full blown manic depressant... so i opted to do the sensible thing AND TOTALLY BLOW IT OFF. NYAH!

in the mean time i thought i'd try and totally blitz one of the smaller projects so i've, you know, actually got something finished. so yeah, hitchcock posters. so far this has been a blast, AND an excellent excuse to watch some totally ace films. got to design four of these using three colours. once i've got the lot of them drawn out, i'm going to start twiddling with the pallet and lettering but so far we've got:

north by north west

and the birds

god, this SCENE. shit's so tense. this film also makes me totally take back all the smack i may have said about hitchcock tending to screw the ending after watching psycho and nxnw. what a totally creepy last shot.

aaaand now all the unrelated crap;

sketchbook junk:

a totally rad episode of the nerdist podcast with penn jillette. hot dog. this guy is just a fountain of great stories.


Monday, 12 December 2011

although this is looking a whole lot like "INTENSE EYES AND FEET: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL EXPERIENCE", these roughs are actually based on a section of graham greene's 'brighton rock'. man, what a taunt wee thriller that is! if you like totally despicable protagonists, you and this book should probably get together some time.

huh. these are a heck of a lot more detailed than the glorified scribbles and stick men that normally constitute as roughs. i'm actually in the middle of light boxing these. holy moly. what a time saver that is. thinking i might defiantly have to get my mitts on one of those bad boys.

oh, and note to self: please could you GET YOUR ASS INTO GEAR AND FINISH THIS PROJECT LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE? thank you.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

right now we're trying to juggle four projects that need to be in by the end of january.HOLY SHIT IT'S FLYING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS TIME. one thing i need to do is put together an artist's book about the area i live in. i think i got waaaay too carried away by the prospect of doing out and about sketching though; turns out your BRILLIANT plan of just drawing a load of random shit and hoping that it would slot perfectly together with the help of a little photoshop it a load of old hooey. aw yeah.

i think this video perfectly encapsulates my fantastically methodical approach:

and some random sketch book stuff.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

you know what? it's probably high time you posted something that wasn't an exaggerated stick figure. or naked. so here are the finals from our first project as third years for which we had to produce a cover and three illustrations for angela carter's bloody chamber.


the bloody chamber-

puss in boots-

the company of wolves-

except they're not really finals. O PHYCHE! nah, the crit for this pointed out about a billion and one things that could be tweeked and reworked (not to mention the issue of my fantastically gender- channelled women. good god, i really need to learn how to draw things with uteruses) so these are going to get a big fat over haul in time for when they mark us at january. BRING IT.

so if you made it through all these half baked ideas, here's a little something for your efforts:


Sunday, 20 November 2011


scrapped idea from the bloody chamber project. at some very early point in the project, out tutor pointed out that quite a few of our pusses in boots looked liked they were fresh off the stage of the local pantomime/shrek set. from there, i somehow wound up up with this bad lewis caroll acid trip. huh.

aaaaaaaaaaand some more life drawing. now with 100% more clothing.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

so yeah. we're currently in the middle of trying to organise a wee fund raising event to save the rec centerohwaitimean to put towards our degree show. if you'd like to come along to buy some sweet arts and crafts, that would be the greatest. there might also be cake.

one thing there most defiantly will be will be a run of calendars put together by some of the fine folk in our year.

here's my paltry offering for november. i saw such things for this but i seem to be in the midsts of the most glorious self-loathing art funk. blllllllaaaaaarrrrrgh!

on the subject of november, i do believe it's that time of year that the men folk do their best to grow some illustrious upper lip hair. may all your moustaches be long and prosperous!

Sunday, 6 November 2011


so for our first project, the powers that be had us illustrating selected stories from angela carter's the bloody chamber. if we manage to come up with anything half way decent, the finals will be sent to duke it out in the folio society's latest competition.

here's a buch of half baked ideas. there were a lot of those. seems like the key thing they want to drill into us this year is how INSANELY important it is to keep pushing and pushing and pushing your ideas.

Friday, 4 November 2011

belated happy halloween! i failed miserably at celebrating it this year. here's hoping you did a much better job of it.

today is crit day. pass the gravy boat because this thing is going to be a roast. oh well. once that lovely business is out the way, i'm going to do my darndest to update this thing with some slightly more recent/relevant nonsense.

aaaaaaaand before this thing gets to morose, here's a fun little ditty about the four stringed wonder that is the ukulele. i am ALL OVER the accompanying art by Shepard Fairey.

Monday, 31 October 2011

a wee snippet of a business card for a friend. if his website were up and running, i'd be linking the shit out of that thing because what that man can do on the spur of the moment with a saxophone is CRAZY.

aaaaaand now that back to school time is in full swing, here's an episode of 'this american life' that'll make your university's party scene look like a wet ballon:

Sunday, 30 October 2011


in my defence, we're back at uni. it's pretty intense. i've yet to follow my tutor's advice to cut sleep from the schedule, although pretty much everything else has been scrapped BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE I TOTALLY GET OFF ON THIS SHIT.

and now, naked people:

i totally suck at keeping up with what's going on in tv land, but apparently amanda (the model) was duking it out on "come dine with me a few weeks ago. c r a z y. i hope she kicked some culinary ass!

p.s. not so long ago ben folds was guesting on this episode of the nerdist podcast. hot dog. what a talented chap. the last 25 minuets of this made me so incredibly blue that i had to sell my ticket to go see him last time he was in town.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

sorry to be the bearer of bad news ms tourist lady, but there is no ham museum. i know. it's a sad, cruel world we live in.

more sketch book scraps from time ago. yeah, i really don't get your compulsion to put everything on the internet either.

also, don't you just freaking love it when you stumble across a total gold nugget of a track on your ipod/zune player/portable gramophone that you'd totally forgotten about?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

aaaaand that's that for the summer project (note to self- do something about that horrendously illegible lettering. SOMEONE thought they were going to be all super cool and slap some filters all over this on their twat phone. someone didn't notice that totally ate up the resolution and scuffed up the text to fuck. which proved to be a killer combination. and not in some bodatious 90's way.). how timely too since this was back to school week.

it's crazy. school was out for summer for what felt like F O R E V E R- but now we're back it's like we never left (er, asides from the small detail of them bulldozing our old kooky campus and transplanting us into something that feels like FUTURE HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE but that's only a minor detail, right?). oh reletivity, you mind fuck, you.

and then it was time for some nostalgic holiday snaps.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

more summer project tomfoolery. huh. if you replace "places" with "the internet", you might get something that resembles a half truth.

all half ass-ing it aside, i don't know if i'm incredibly late to the party but holy moly, is reggie watts one talented mofo. if the singing, beatboxing and mad improvisation weren't enough, man can work magic that loop peddle/synth of his.

he also recently guested on the second half of this episode of the nerdist podcast. hot dog. what a cool dude. i will forever be in awe of folk who can just splurge awesome music.