Monday, 30 May 2011

work stuff.

oh my god, library backgrounds. you are an awesome way to drive yourself totally nuts.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

so last year we started up a sketch blog. it was good fun. but then second year happened and it became one sad, neglected puppy. now that we're off though, we're going to resurrect its ass.

them this time round is "NOW UNI'S DONE, I'M GOING TO_______". yeah. i'mma going to be hanging out with my drawing table. a lot.

(but i love it really)

life drawings. oh man. life models that are an assortment of angles and skin are definitely my favourite kind of life model.

so much angst in that bottom one. SO MUCH ANGST!


so yes. the last couple of pages for the self initiated. ah well, at least i pleasantly surprised myself with how quickly i could actually draw a comic page when i has to, RIGHT?

unfortunately, this speedy clip doesn't seem to have carried over to work-work. a boo-hoo-hoo.

in other news, totally impulse-bought seabear's 'the ghost that carried us away' and it single handedly restored my faith in blindly throwing money at albums.

Monday, 23 May 2011

so it was KATIE'S birthday the other week. as such, it was crappy, home-made card time.

i was all out of pasta and p.v.a glue,
so i'm afraid this'll have to go and make do.

NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY SHE DRAWS THESE THINGS. draw stuff with faces. it will make you ∞ more happy.

and that was how we lost all and any cool points gained by going to le gun's opening night.

chris bianchi (a.k.a most deffinatly NOT mr fat) is an ex-middlesex student. he's also a member of said art collective and a totally banging illustrator. check out his/their stuff HERE.

that room. oh my god that room. you could live there FOREVER.


the last of the prints for the print project and OH MY GOD HALF TONES. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?!?! so, so sad i only made your acquaintance now they've thrown us out for summer and are tearing the place down.


anyhoo , mrs.o is a totally rad song by the dresden dolls. you should listen to it. a lot.

p.s i don't know if you're familiar with TED lectures. they're a series of wonderful, wonderful bite-sized talks on all manner of things by some super insightful folk. here's an ace one on the state of the education system. GIVE IT A TWIRL!

more of that self initiated malarky. oh god. so riddled with error.

on the upside though, there's been a whole lot more of this in our lives as of late:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

reference doodles for the book some of these are very, very old but HOLY SHIT. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE WORKING ON THIS THING AGAIN.

plan is to try and blitz the crap out of it before it's back to uni time. probably not going to happen but we can always dream, AMIRITE?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

self initiated pages.

ugh. now it's all said and done, totally not happy with how i went about this. as tutor man said, i was waaaaaaaay too focused on trying to cover as much ground as humanly possible instead of aiming for a smaller target and making something that was far, far tighter.


i don't know, if there's a chance this summer, i'd really like to take another crack at this, but treat it a bit more like a picture book. eric's writing is totally shwaay anyway and doesn't need to be rail-roaded by mediochar art AND OH MY, ARNE'T WE BEING QUITE THE LITTLE SELF PITYING ARTIST TODAY.

in other news, they are letting us draw ALL OVER our campus as part of the little send off party. i am alex's overwhelming, quivering excitement.

life drawings. they are drawings from life. and that's all right.

i don't know what's up with all the super strainy male torso either.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

original drawing for the last of the of the print project. skull kids and atom bombs? WWWOOOOOWWWW. this is some cheery stuff right here. i think this calls for some over-saturated photos to lighten the mood.

gosh, the prints BEN was working on in these photos were totally lovely. follow that link to check out more of his stuff. IT'LL BLOW YOU AWAY. man, it's stupid how much talent there is on our course.

Monday, 16 May 2011

leftovers from the macmillan project. the dip pen drawing is a fabulous showcase of my COMPLETE lack of understanding of hatching. i think i may have also been a little illibriated when i sat down to do this so that's a double fault. also, had a revelation the other day that mr. cloak man is essentially what would happen it spawn and mickey mouse had some kind of terrible love child.

hats off to class-buddy hector lloyd for landing himself a highly recommended award and a place in the macmillan exhibition. you can see some spreads from his totally fucking charming book RIGHT HERE . man. cannot wait to check out that show.

it's only may, but here's some stupidly summery music for your ass.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

oh hai thar internet! i have not totally forgotten you, it's just that we're having our big, fat double-weighted, end-of-year project is in for today. as a result, the last week's been spent as a jibbering, under-slept mess face down in comics.

it was pretty wild. but it's done. i kinda feel a bit like this:

and on a totally unrelated note, here's some life drawing.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

life drawings. that top one's the result of drawing a repeated sequence over and over and over and over again, not from dropping too much acid before going to class.