Tuesday, 29 March 2011


man, up until recently, i'd been doing a terrible job of keeping this thing up(fortunatly, recent trips to madrid/the zoo meant i could blitz the fuck out of it. still, this book is so sparse/ colourless/ void of imagination compared to the last one.


Monday, 28 March 2011

doodle for the latest issue of meow. mmmmmmeeeehhhh. deffinatly had something cooler in mind but hey, that's what you get for leaving this shit up to the last minuet.

life drawing.

oooh man, i just rediscovered the awesome combination of sticks and ink. oh yes... working to a big scale with those two is pretty nerve wracking since you can't plot a damn thing out but hey, i guess that keeps you on your toes.

also, looks like yesterday's post was pretty prescient because look what came through on the old facebook this morning...



Sunday, 27 March 2011

revised versions of the cd art for 'nowhere again' wherein we bid adiue to wishy-washy water colours and shit photoshop filters.

the cases went to the printers not too long ago and i think the album's due to come out some time at the end of the month. of course, i'll be pestering you all to give it a listen because it's a damn fine record.

Monday, 21 March 2011

the for final pages for the macmillan project... god damn. bitch and moan as i do about never wanting to draw another building EVER AGAIN, i totally miss working on this. defiantly going to try and get the whole thing done at some point:

ugh. this was the last page drawn and boy, dose it show. composition and colour go to shit once we cross the gutter. maybe pick a more harmonious back ground colour and not that gross neon-cream? also, that last drawing maybe needs to be a wee bit smaller... and not total ass.

don't mind me, just talking to myself.

things to take away to the crit:
∞ STOP KILLING THINGS WHEN THEY BECOME FINALS. loose + sketchy= iiittttt'sss aaaaalllliiiivvveeeeee!
∞ digital colouring dose not help. it's cool because now i've got a colour reference to work from but yeah...
∞ so try water colouring it. scoring some big-ass water colour paper and putting it through the laser printer is pretty high on the list of to-do.


Sunday, 20 March 2011


so yeah, end papers. MY. someone was feeling mighty imaginative when it came to designing that star map...

Friday, 18 March 2011

so the crit happened. my god, some people really brought their a game to this project. what a shame we had to do it in two groups, it would have been great see everyone's...

last couple of pages of the dummy book an WOW, did this thing devolve into half ass-ery (bg courtesy of google images, i'm looking at you). ah well, we've got until may to get these books ready for submission so going to try and get the penciled finals for these pages done and stick them in the dummy instead. also, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, PLEASE do something about that horrific font. i know you would throw yourself under a train for futura, but this is neither the time or place.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


pages 5-8 from the macmillan book. man, it's not even funny how much shit you work out at this stage. we only had to get four final pages done in time for the crit but man, i cannot wait to get back on this and work out the rest of the tweaks.

Monday, 14 March 2011


dummy book! this is basically a super rough version of the book to give folk an idea as to what the final thing will look like. huh. normally when it comes to roughs, they're just stick figures pulling goofy faces. this is a wee bit of a step up from that.

wow, alex. just... wow. way to totally shit the bed at the final hurdle. we've got the macmillan crit today. as well as a complete dummy book and four pages of finalised art work, we needed to design end papers and a title page. through this together for the latter at the 11th hour and now i'm just feeling shame. so much shame.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

lots of rough stuff this time round. my tutor introduced me to dip pens and OH MY GOD, I THINK I'M IN LOVE. these things are so very nice. so much more character than your bog standard fine liner. was so very tempted to do the macmillan book with one of these bad boys, but pencils prevailed so i just drew a sad looking kitten instead:

back when we were having to churn out story ideas. had this one idea about a scarecrow that couldn't scare but tutor man was all like "VOMIT! CONTRIVED VOMIT!" so that was that.

and here be a sketch for the current idea.