Monday, 29 June 2009

rough stuff left over from the last issue of folio. i did not have my thinking cap on that day.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

blargh. i sat down to colour page 17 and for some reason i ended up speed painting the clouds outside.

in my defense, they were very pretty clouds.

Monday, 22 June 2009

inspired by folk on the tube. i think this was partly to prove to my self that i can draw body types other than emaciated (chick on the left being a prime example of that)

god. drawing pissy, shouty men has got to be one of my favorite things in the world.

aaaaand that's that for fortunes luck for the time being. that is unless i can learn how to bend the fabric of space and time any time soon because there so aren't enough hours in the day right now.

bwah, this page is meant to com before the previous post but i guess if you're scrolling through this, posting things backwards actually makes way more sense.

huh. convenient.

anyhoo, more pirate related shenanigans. we're almost through. i promise.

aaaaand more pages from the pirate comic.

i'm particularly enjoying the physics of the diving.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

moleskin stuff. hot damn do i love those books. they make everything feel 100x more artistic.

anyhoo, drawing oblivious victims on the tube is like my number one hobby. creepy voyeuristic tendencies? moi? i don't know what you're talking about.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

motion! go with it!

srsly, they haven't been letting me get away with all this static crap with the book i'm currently working on and things look soooooooooo much better for it.

and more of the same. except now in technicolour. god, playing with the pallet in this was so much fun.

yeah, that first pannle would have been a whole lote more effective with the sound effect(this is a direct follow on from the last page. it was ment to be simulating a pan out as the gun goes off. maybe should have included some scattering birds as a visual aid) but i'm not putting that version up here because my lettering makes baby jesus cry.

well this is some ooold news. putting up some pages from the somewhat ill fated pirate comic (on the first run through neither of us really knew much about how to tell stories in a comic book/22 page format. things needed to be re-writted/ drawn but i think we both got a little distracted). i did these pretty much this time last year. i'm throwing them up here because WHEN i get around to taking another stab at this, the art's going to get a complaet over haul. this was pretty much the first time i'd dabbled in inking and hoooooo boy, does it show.

it's a shame though because the colouring's acctualy halfway decent. oh well, what the hell.

worst part: HOVER CAT!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

que the benny hill chase music.

a hoy hoy.

panel from the web comic. heh, only five pages in and already i've fallen behind schedule. it's ridiculous. i have a MONTH to do these pages. in the case of work i've pretty much been managing to do a page of line art a day so why is this so hard to churn out on time?!


probably my favorite panel from the page. there are 10 panels in that thing and the story's moving at a much faster pace than the first time round but still, there's a tone of narrative fluff in there. left to my own devices on the breakdown, think i have a tendency to cram in a load of superfluous storytelling. note to self: stop being so 'LOOK MA, I CAN DRAW!'. it's douchey.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

managed to catch 'let the right one in' while it was on release and HOLY MOLY did that film blow me away. seriously, it was the perfect rebound from twilight (which, as much as it pains me to admit, i didn't outright hate... although that may only be down to the unintentionaly high rofl factor what with all the doddgy special effects, ott teenage anguish, SUPER INTENSE FACE ACTING and VAMPIRE BASEBALL. oh, and radiohead in the credits was pretty sweet).

if you've never heard of this little gem, it's the touching story of the budding relationship between a wee boy and girl... except she just happens to be a blood thristy vampire. there's some absolutly top notch acting from the two young leads and the stark setting of 80s stolkhome lends itself perfectly to the grim, dark story. do your self a favour and catch this on dvd when it comes out.

also, are vampires this year's zombies? i hear that the oldboy director's got a film about a vampiric preist coming out sometime soon...

hoo boy. this post is more waffly than house of pancakes

bwuh?! updates!?

yeah, what with work at the moment, there hasn't been much to update the blog with recently. there's going to be a page going up over at renagde arts ( soon with promotional material (or in less glitzzy terms, that would be the cover for issue one and some super rough charater design work)so keep your eyes to the skies!

and what does that have to do with today's scrappy offering? absolutly nada. but seriously, i'm going to try and fine the time to scour the underground and do sketches of buskers. this dude was perticularly awsome- he had this crazy cool electric guitar that was basically just a frame with a neck. dishy.

ugh, you know when you must have redrawn something a gazillion times and you still can't nail it? this is one of those times. it's not even funny how many drafts of this are in my sketchbook/moleskin/hardrive.

image to go along with an invite i'd designed for a freind's 21st. in hindsight, wish i'd gone with something which had more flare like turning it into a psudo festival flyer or something.