Monday, 31 January 2011

pencils for a little something. SHORT POST IS SHORT.

aaaaand that's that for that. man, totally wishing i'd decided to do the whole shebang in the 1/4 page format... although that would have meant doing something like 24 four drawings.

that would have been a little suicidal.

Friday, 28 January 2011

dear sepia,

i am so sorry for employing you in a cheap attempt to give these some sense of being set in the 40s.

one of the many pearls of wisdom imparted in the crit for this was that i really didn't get the flavour of the period down. this is not post war britain.


hmm... got totally pissed at the super long letter box format while trying to work these out in the rough stage but actually, they work _so_ much better than the larger drawings. i think it's mostly down to me having the space to go 'LOOKIE HERE! I'MMA DRAWING!'.

illustrations for 'a way through the woods'. oi, this was a wee bit of a headache. we had two weeks to illustrate our book but i pretty much lost one of those to GLORIOUS COOTIES. ah well, nothing like a challenge, huh? actually, it was pretty cool because i have this TOTALLY crippling fear that i'm not going to be fast enough for this business once they throw us out there. guess i can move when i have too...


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

so our last project was to illustrate a book. i went with 'a way through the woods' by nigel balchin. i think it's out of print right now but you can scoop it up on the cheap in amazon's used section, and if you like stories about how not to handle your crumbling marriage, you totally should.

roughs for a handful of the illustrations. boy, i sure do hope you like my scraggy stick men because there sure are a lot of them round here.

just a quick experiment with colour in the key of oz. i don't know... i think i have a tendency to rely waaaaaaaaay too heavily on my line work or rather, it's too heavy.

of course, the obvious thing to do is to take it out of the equation all together. HALF-MEASURES ARE FOR HALF-ASSERS, YO.

jesus. that girl is way too white to be out in the sun.

Monday, 24 January 2011

roughs looking rough.

pencil work for another screen print. we've got the week off for assessments so i'm kinda hoping to just blitz this project while i can (along with trying to get a few liberty pages done... and maybe some misc. stuff and oh dear i think this is another case of expectations meeting reality and it all going horribly awry.)

mole skin. graphite? i think i love you. you are everything my little 0.5 mechanical pencil could never be. 70% of this is total junk, but just HAD to do some inappropriate public drawing when i spotted this girl on the underground. shit was just waaaaaaaay to pimp, yo.

and in other news, here's an ad for peanuts. featuring stop motion and the dulsic tones of robert downey jr. DO NOT BREAK THIS COMBO BECAUSE IT IS FAB-U-LOUSE.

Monday, 17 January 2011

so you remember that time when i was all like "GAIZ! 2011 IS ALL ABOUT THE DAILY UPLOADS!!11!". yeah, that was a lie. the sickness that got me down post-christmas came back to totally kick my ass and i've been tripping balls fever style. pretty much over it now though.

piece for the 'cat hill, we'll miss you' book.

Monday, 10 January 2011

right, going to try and get into the habit of posting something at least once a day. this may or may not be a way into duping myself into backing up the giant stack of life drawings hanging out in the corner...

i know all things festive were _so_ last season but oh well, what the hell.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

whoa whoa whoa! is that... colour?!? check yourself before you reck yourself bro!

ooohh man, this last week of the holiday has been _gloriously_ unproductive. was forced to acknowledge that i do actually get sick some times and have been rocking the flu for the last few days. blegh. i did manage to crap this out though- another sub for the cat hill-in momorium book. sad times.

anyhoo, this here be the print room. what an ace place.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

17/104. my, we're longing this out just a little bit, aren't we?


boy howdy, do i suck at screen printing. lessons learnt:

- always use a wider sguige
- anorexic lines are the worst idea ever.

for the print project. god damn, seeing this song live moved me in unexpected ways.

sneaky peek at a page from the liberty. man, i think woking on 'act-y' bits like this is probably my favourite part of this whole shebang.

lo, the lovely cut 'n paste action in that bottom panel.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

page spreads for the book project. the idea of this was 10x10. the two sheets would be stuck together so you'd unfolded the pages to form half a square/ a really tenuous multiplication grid (do those things even exist? i'm pppreeeeetttttyyy sure i pulled that one out of my ass).

happy new year y'all! hope you had a good one!