Thursday, 29 July 2010

second of the three tickets i'm making for part of summer project. this one's for the joanna newsome concert amir and i hit up waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of summer. it was pretty boss. me oh my, that lady plays one mean harp.

i don't know if i'm just confusing lazy colouring with a 'sense of design'. ho hum. heh, in an ideal world, i'm going to get the last one of these done before i have to take off stupidly early tomorrow morning for berlin. likelihood of that happening? roughly -100%

p.s have you been having the same lack lustre reaction to all the stuff for the upcoming thor movie that the rest of the internet and their mum's been having? the trailer's been leaked. i had to stop watching after a minuet. not because it was the total hoke-fest i was expecting, but because it was totally one of those 'oh hai, it's the entire movie in the trailer' jobs. my god,what a dope looking movie it is too.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

more of those wee little head shots. gosh, these are a fun way to break stuff up since my method of working seems to be sweat away over something till it's done, regardless of the budding loathing for it and everything else in the universe. this time round we've got danny trejo and michael cera. and with that, the guff about these things have a theme is officially bullshit.

BONUS ROUND! a scrap of old skool moleskin junk. god, i miss being all creepy and drawing unsuspecting members of the public...

first attempt at the second of the 'tickets'. uuuuuuuuuuuugh. nigh on no planning + rush job = MEGA FAIL. didn't rough it out enough so ended up totally flying by the seat of my pants when it came to slapping down the water colours. as a result, many, many things went wrong. for instance, IMMA LOOKING AT YOU, WACK PROPORTIONS!

oh well. lesson learnt; your neurosis will not allow you to phone it in. in the mean time, just wrapped take two and am about to slap it in the scanner. hopefully, it's not quite such a cluster fuck this time round...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

moar liberty stuff. ugh. feeling so groggy when i drew these two up and BOY does it show. stiff stiff stiff. damn you, fun and beer, damn you.

notes- remember thomas' gloves and john's holster is of the shoulder variety.

Friday, 23 July 2010

DONE! christ, i've been eking this thing out.

pencils and finals for part of one of the parts of the summer project. i'm making him some tickets for some gigs i've been to since we broke for summer (uh, alex, couldn't you just send these to him separately, thus killing multiple birds with one stone? oh wait, i forgot. YOU'RE A TOTAL WHORE FOR NOT TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT). the lead singer from sigur ros recently put out a solo album and oh my, that thing is the equivalent of musical crack. stumbled across tour dates in time out and snapped up a ticked for that show faster than you can say uh,aren'ttheseguysgoingtobeplayingatbestival?

totally worth throwing caution to the wind. this show was A SPECTICAL. they had incorporated these projected visuals incorporated into the show that really heightened the whole experience. grow till tall gave me fucking chills.

first track from the album. HOLY SHIT, does it put me in a fine mood.

check out the video for this track while your at it (emi frown on embeding though so you're going to have to follow the link -> dig-dig-dig the imagery and editing in this thing.

next up; joanna newsome!

head shot time! i'm trying to do these in pairs. yesterday's theme was michales. today's is unconventional potential american president candidates of 2009.

moleskin stuff. i draw the prettiest fairies.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

when i'm doing the character design stuff for the liberty, i tend to pick real people to base these fictitious folk off. they usually get tweaked a bit to fit the character's ... uh... character but i also get a real big kick out of trying to get a likeness down so i'm going to try and start doing these wee head shots as a warm up/ when the crazies start setting in.

up first we have the dancer michael clark and michael clarke duncan. he strikes me as such a smiley man.

more character designing. hopefully going to get another two designs nailed today but that might be wildly optimistic thinking there...

completely unrelated topic time with surprisingly appropriate visual aids!

so this week amanda palmer brought out out an album of ukulele covers of radiohead songs. that sentence there contains three of my favourite things and needless to say, i snapped that bitch up the second it came out. you can download this delightfully named record over at for less than a dollar. in the words of arnie, DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

hoy hoy!

FINALLY made a start on the actual pages of the liberty. caloo-callay! it's a little slow going though since i've found that when i go from thumbnails to laying out the actual pages, i've totally been on the track to doing the one thing that all my tutors have been tut-tutting at (which is being SUPER WANKY and coming up with images that say 'LOOK AT ME- I CAN DRAW' rather than tell a story WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART). also, keep on finding that there so aren't enough hours in the day. DRAW FASTER YOU SLOW POKE.

ah well. i need to check what i can post up here in regards to that. in the mean time, here's a snippet of a wip. good lord, this image is going to get the photoshopped to kingdom-come once it's all said and done (ooh! bust d'em rhymes!).

Saturday, 17 July 2010

whoar, coral painter. you are quite sexy, even though you're colour picker is more broken than own wilson's noes.

in other news, caught inception yesterday. HOLY SHIT, that thing was off. the. rails. such a bad-ass concept and whoever was cinematographer on that movie needs a big, ol shiny medal. i don't often see movies more than once in a blue moon (since there is _SO_ much out there that needs to be seen) but i CANNOT wait to go back and see that again. so much to it.

Friday, 16 July 2010

part of the summer brief. the whole point of this project is to illustrate where we've been while we've been off. i'm sure there's probably some super smart, meta-physically way to approach this since i'm pretty much just going to be bumming around in london for the most of the holiday but screw that. instead, i figured i'd make this wee hitch-hiker to go travel the world for me. i'm going to print/make a ton of these, disperse them round the city and see how far they get. in a redicuosly idealistic world, people will pick 'em up, take them with them and then take a picture of wherever he ends up.

i'm curious to see how this goes.

god's speed, you over-grown smurf.

i've spent the last few days making a start on all the pre-prep that needs to be done for the graphic novel jordan (on writing duties) and i are doing with markosia. i hope you like victoriana because you are going to be seeing ALOT of it in the coming months.

whoar. i am just a little bit excited to be doing this. i can't even begin to thank the people who got me this gig enough. the plan is to try and get as much done before uni starts back up in october because next year is going to be a TOTAL time hog. fortunately though, since this is a (very long) done in one, there's not a super-serious- final dead line. still. i want to get on with this.

p.s. i had the scariest dream about charlotte gainsbrough last night.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

and that's that. gah, it's such a pisser that this thing won't allow for v e r y l o n g images.

righty ho, it's back to work. cracking on with some prep work for the graphic novel today. holy hell, i'm psyched.

god damn, i love doing shit like this.

and the second half of the sketch book is done. phew. excuse me while i spam your inbox with load of tiny, yellow pages.

Monday, 12 July 2010

now i've managed to get two of my summer project pieces licked and in the post. BOOYAH!

only four more to go.
oh man. these things are totally going to get lost in the black hole that is royal mail, aren't they?

for the doodle caboodle song theme. eugh. i think my scanner's allergic to colour and my photoshop-fu's a bit too weak to rectify it's misdermeners. grr

anyhoo, the song this time round it v v brown's shark in the water. i caught her at t in the park last year and she put on a super fun show.


Sunday, 11 July 2010

for our joint blog, the doodle caboodle ( the theme for this was dental trauma. i had braces for like, 50 years back in the day. those days are not looked back on fondly.

so you know how in the last post i was all like 'bitch is going to get this shit down today, yo.' well... that was a half truth. i got the anthology story licked (AAAAAWWWWWW YYYYEEEEAAAHHHH!) but the mole skin got totally blown off. there was a reason that happened though. turns out comic book artists/raconteur aficionados gabriel ba and fabio moon are in london for the brazil/ literary festival down at the southbank centre. for part of it, they put together this GIGANTIC mural and there was an open invite for people to come along and help out.

holy. shit. these guys are like two of my art heroes and have had a massive impact on me. i am _so_ glad i caught this and got to take part.

here are some photos. there will most likely be more. my god, it was hot.

Friday, 9 July 2010

john hillcoat's (the dude who directed the road/ the proposition) levis ad. whoar. there are some shots in this things that are just. stunning.

art soon. today is the day that i WILL finish the anthology piece and the back side of the mole skin. ooooOOOOOOOHHH YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Monday, 5 July 2010

well, side one at least. hopefully i'm going to get the back side of this mo-fo licked by the end of the week and then that'll be two out of six parts of the project done.


this was done in a concertina sketchbook. in an ideal world, you'd be looking at this in one long, lloonngg, llllooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg image but blogspot said no.

wow, you're not going to make this easy, are you blogspot?

wah. someone sorely underestimated the maximum file upload limit. well. here it is in itty bitty chunks. mostly.