Sunday, 28 October 2012

back when summer was still a thing that was happening (long, long loooooooong before this spontaneous winter business. snow in october lol wut?) i did some storyboard for an independent film. last i heard, they were still looking for funding and i can only wish them the best of luck in finding it in these lest than awesome economic times.

a few more of these are floating around in the back logs of this blog...

on a more positive note, DUSTED THE MOTHER LOVIN' ANTHOLOGY LAST WEEK! hopefully there are going to be copies printed in time for thought bubble up in leeds. i'd love to be there for the launch and meet all the awesome folk who busted their asses on the book but i don't think i'm going to be able to make it. boooo. but more on that as it happens.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

so since the first 5 pages for the anthology went up over at the unseen shadows' site, posting them here's fair game, right?

more on the story/book here (including a rather swish cover by peter mason)

but seriously, if you have a potter around the site, you can see a whole lot more from the anthology, including a PREVIEW of cy dethan and valia kapadai's story.

man am i digging valia's brush work on these pages! totally jouncing over here to see the final product….


these two episodes of wtf with macro maron were an excellent back to back of art talk. ugh. conversations about getting creative and shit are totally my jam. give them a twirl and feel enthused.

Episode 319 - Loren Bouchard

Episode 318 - Coop

Sunday, 14 October 2012

one of the things i was working on this summer was an animation project with one of the masters graphic design students at the old university. the idea was to produce three 50-page flip books explaining how traditional games from around the world worked to the youth of today.

a possible alternative to angry birds? who knows.

anyway, here's one of them. heads up- it's pretty jerky. probably should have up-ed the frame rate but imovie is a thing that i do not understand:

aaaaaand here's some sketch book stuff:


while we're on the topic of sketch book stuff, do yourself a solid and check out THESE PAGES FROM MARCO MAZZONI'S MOLESKIN. oh my word, that bird. man does incredible, incredible things with coloured pencils….

Friday, 5 October 2012

so where have you been for the past forever, man?

busy. a while back, i got an email from richmond (raconteur extrodinaire who wrote the story for the robot-filled-romp we did with renegade arts, TURNING TIGER) asking if i wanted to do a story with him for an upcoming anthology.

it goes without saying the answer was a resounding OHELLYES.

the anthology's a collection of short, one off stories expanding barry nugent's unseen shadows universe (more on that HERE ). goddamn, goddamn do i like playing in this sandbox.

here's a page:

and here's some sketchbook stuff:

i'll be posting some more snippets as we go. at the moment desperately hauling ass so the book can be launched at the upcoming thought bubble con.

in other news, massive congratulations to fellow middlesex ex-pat BEN HENDY on only getting MOTHER FLIPPIN' SHORTLISTED FOR THE THREADNEEDLE PRIZE. if you fancy a spot of art, head on down to trafalga square and check it out. it's a _massive_ show with oodles of fantastic work. you can also vote for the people's choice prize *a nudge nudge wink wink*

fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

whoa whoa whoa.... you mean you're still updating this thing?

YES. believe it or not,this blog has not been abandoned to the lost corners of the internet to die a cold and lonely death. the last few months have just been really. really. really. busy (i.e there is a great big backlog of stuff that'll be making it's way on here over the next few days/weeks. hurrah?).

plus i wanted to do something about that horrendously old blog header. also, cream is a colour.

proper update on business with explanations and excuses soon.