Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SIDE QUEST! so our department's teamed up with an author who's putting together a collection of poems about imaginary saints. she provides the words. we provide the pictures. the selection process is all a little battle royal, but we got to have a look at all the submissions last week and there were no end of totally fly entries. hot dog, this book's going to be mighty minty.

the patron saint of remaindered books:



the patron sait of enthusiasts:

maybe not so meh?

was going to spam this thing up with links to other folks' submissions, but there's not too many of those floating about the internests yet. boo. HOWEVER, here's LEFKI'S PRETTY PIMP ILLUSTRATION FOR THE PATRON SAINT OF INFIDEL GIRLS. man alive. i'm digging her brush work.

anyway. here's a super fun song about saints.

and here's a photo of neil gaiman singing said song.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

more old and irrelevant sketch book nonsense. because you guys totally love glorified stick figures, AMIRITE? acctually, i REALLY need to go back and revisit this project because my first crack at it was some total weaksauce bullshit but omigod. there is so much to do. this fact is defiantly not helped by the fact that our studio is slowly turning into one big jam band. OO ERRR.


i wish i was better at keeping up with what's going on in the world. i really do. for instance, the euro crisis. what's up with that, right? well, this episode of staple favorite on this blog, 'this american life' dose a better job of explaining it that clarissa. PUT IT IN YOU EARS SON!

Monday, 20 February 2012

oh photoshop. i love you and you're totally awesome and everything, but i need to stop thinking i can count on you to swoop in at the 11th hour to make sense of vague and nebulous half baked notions of lay outs *cough* horrendous top spread */endcough*. it's not you, it's me. no, really.

oh, also, you need to redraw that bottom one- you do a much better job of aping observational drawing when you do it with a graphite stick. ssssssllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy.

on another note, instead of doing some much needed reading up on the much neglected dissertation this morning, i opted instead to finally getting around to watching this:

mary & max had been on my radar since before it even came out three years ago, but that's just how crap i am at ingesting media. man. this thing was good. its sense of humour's possibly one shade darker than emperor palpatine's allegiance of the force and oh my gosh is it sad.

huh. that doesn't exactly sound like a stella review, does it? but you might want to check it out. it's also go this stuck in my head till forever, but that's okay because this ditty be aces:


Saturday, 11 February 2012


possible rehash of a previous drawing. because i am not a creative colour.

and a fantastically creepy card by jess

as said, they're running this promotion again today so go check it up! this time, the rota features the talents of PATRICIA WILLIAMS, SCOTT MARSHELL, ZANNA ALLEN, AMBER LILY COOPER-DAVIES, TONY ALLEN AND FRED CAMPBELL. go get all over that good stuff!

more from the muswell hill book;

ewww. when this thing gets it's much needed revamp, any halfway graphic elements are going to be the first thing out the window. this thing would have worked a whole lot better if i'd either gone hard-core one way or the other. me thinks you should have stuck with the sketchbook look. mmm yep.

oh viaduct. i have wanted to go a-drawing round here for forever. many thanks to this project for allowing me to indulge.


have you ever wondered where all our shiney things come from? this episode of 'the american life' is a fascinating, if not utterly harrowing account of what goes down in the sweat shops of shenzhen.

fig 1. a totally glorious flyer created by myself and our head of year. note- photoshopping with your tutor is a surreal experience to say the least, BUT WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR?


if went down to cass art last saturday and spent over £40 in the store, you could snap up a valentine's card by some of us middlesex illustrator folk! not too shabby, huh? they're running it again today, so get on down there and spend some green!

bitches love beefcake

a somewhat curious request.


last weekend, i was doodling away with FREDRICK EDEN, JESS TOWNSON, EILEEN KWAN, FAY BROWN and BEN HENDY. it was pretty rad.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

from the repotage book. not that the name gives away any clues, but 'cheeses' is muswell hill's very own cheese shop. NO FREAKING WAY, AMMIRITE?

but seriously. this place is quite possibly what awaits any good fromagaphile on the other side of the pearly gates.

heavens to betsey. this book seems to be a one man effort to make my tutor eat all the complimentary things she's every said about my understanding of design. things that came up where those circles need to go like right now, along with most of the things drawn in pen. also, don't be a lazy bones and hand letter this shit yeah?

sorry, that was boring.

but here's a trailer for 'john dies at the end'. holy moly, this movie looks gloriously batshit.