Monday, 28 February 2011

lifer drawing! second part of the 30-second-sequence exercise thing. note to self- take a grafite stick or something next time. there's not a whole lot of meat on those sticks and bones.

in other news, i stumbled across this video. it has quickly become quite possibly my favourite trailer for anything ever.

Dead Island Video Game, Cinematic Trailer | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

god-fucking-damn. what an emotional sucker punch. it's not even funny how much you're feeling for characters(who are essentially just a bunch of wordless red shirts) and the whole playing it backwards thing just totally feeds it. and the music. OH MY GOD, THAT MUSIC. what a totally ace piece of film making. hats off to all involved [/gushing praise].

Friday, 25 February 2011

first crack at the album art. going to have another go at it this weekend since the red pencil and "LO, MY AWESOME POWERS OF PHOTOSHOP TEXTURES" didn't sit to well with the guys. ah well, it was a fun little experiment and got the water colours out again after about a bajillion years of gathering dust.


submissions for our department's zine-y thing, meow. topic for this issue was idols which was as good an opportunity as any to go all gushy over folk who blow my mind.

steven tobolowsky's podcast can be found here -> . man, i go through these things like they're paper walls.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

for the cd case. i kinda dig the idea of the swooshy one (spoiler, we didn't go with it). originally, the guy's head would going to be a scribble and the wave a ton of doodle but that had to be scrapped- turns out there's a cd cover already out there with a very motif. huzzuh for subconscious plagiarism!

ah well, i might just do that for myself sometime.... one day... maybe...

so the latest thing to take over our lives is the macmillan prize. right now, we're working on a 32 page picture-book for zee little ones. it's a total blast and some people are putting together some really cool stuff. it's a shame we don't actually have to make the complete final product (rules only ask for a dummy and four finalized spreads) because there are going to be some _awesome_ books.
then again, i think trying to get all that done for the 14th would result in us having a psychotic break en mass so maybe it's all for the best.

moleskin pages from back in the brainstorming days.

Monday, 21 February 2011


so yeah, jonny ( asked me if i'd like to some art work for the band he's rolling with. the answer to that
obviously could be nothing but a HELL TO THE YEAH! these sketchy wee sketches are back from the brain storming period.

on a side note, finally checked out . my god, the amount of sheer musical wonderfulness to be found on band camp totally blows my tiny mind. AND IT'S ONLY $5! HOW COULD YOU NOT BUY THIS!?


Friday, 18 February 2011

peek at the liberty. fingers crossed, there's going to be a window open to work on this before the middle of march. the thought of having a chunk of time to work on this has got me buzzing like you wouldn't believe.

OH HAI! i can't remember if i plugged this here or not, but the issue of FTL that has the story that jordan and i worked on is available to buy in both digital and organic formats. BOYAH! you can nab it here if you feel so inclined ->

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

a silly little drawing. on the plus side, i now know how to spin photoshop files like this shit's a turn table.

from life drawing. boy oh boy, is there a big back log of paper to be scanned in (i'm a nurotic nutbag and won't be happy till everything's backed up to the nines.)

this exercise was CRAZY. the model went through a string of minuet poses as they got undressed. man. that shit was intense. kinda left you feeling like someone had been playing croquet with your skull and a sledge hammer. pretty cool though, especially in terms of trying to get guesters down quick and thinking about how the body pulls shapes and oh my stars and garters, this is dissolving into typo-tastic nonsense. HOORRAY FOR SLEEP DEPRAVATION! I THINK THIS CALLS FOR SOME HAPPY-CLAPPY TUNEAGE!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

snippet from another drawing i'm working up for the print project. long print is going to be long, yo.

for the print project, which i am totally abusing in order to mindlessly doodle to songs. this is the initial drawing, and hopefully the final screen print will come out looking even half way like this. totally not filled with hope given how damn grainy the colour separations look though (see the one above. YEASH).

this one's for iron and wine's 'dead man's will'.

man. what a heart breaker.

hopefully i'll get a chance to do this soon, but right now a whole load of the screen printing equipment at uni's more broken than a sad heart.

Monday, 7 February 2011


if you came here looking for slick elements of design, you might want to hit the back button.

poster for meow magazine. this month, the good folk running it have set 'idols' as the theme. this should be a fun one!

totally took this as an excuse to play around with the halftone setting in photoshop. i'd really like to try it with screen printing but there's some big, long, complicated formula that comes with that territory and scares the crap out of me.