Monday, 28 June 2010

for our group blog,

aw man, have i been BUSY BUSY BUSY lately. i'm juggling a ton of stuff at the moment but some of it's wrapping up so hopefully i can go back to spamming the crap out of this thing sometime soon. in the mean time though, enjoy this public health announcement. this is totally self serving since i utterly suck at this particular department of dental hygiene and am super parinoid that it will be the mushy, sticky, plaque-ridden downfall of my pearly whites.



Tuesday, 22 June 2010


unless... of course, it was just the pencils on the figures you were talking about getting done by the end of the weekend? eh? EHH?

soooooooo very tempted to scrap this piece and start again... eh, we'll see how it looks when it's done, JUST FOR ADDED SELF-FLAGULATION.

right. imma going to watch some season2 lost because i'm that far behind the curve.

pencils for another piece for the song theme over at the doodle caboodle. ugh, there are some really rough lines for something else lurking in my moleskin and another idea that is just going to outright haunt me unless i do it right now.

oh dear. we seem to have opened the flood gates.

in the meantime though, watch this space because imma going to paint the shit out of this!

edit- OH CHRIST! just noticed the massive proportion fail on this. lady has gigantism. ooh-err.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


HOT DOG. the style on these guys is so very painfully inconsistent. should have manned the fuck up and churned the lot of them out in one glorious burst of activity.

(also, you probably shouldn't have drawn something that's going to be reduced down to the size of a ticket on SHITLY CUSTOMIZED a2 paper).

oh well. win some, loose some, right?

Friday, 18 June 2010

old moleskin-malarky! god damn, it just reminds me that i should be doing more colour studies. i'm going to be sending martin two dinky little sketch books over the summer, so no doubt there'll be plenty an opportunity to do some of those. caloo-callay.

sneek-a-peek! random snatch of panels from the 8 page short i'm doing for orag utang comics' anthology. it's jolly good fun!

best part? that mauled to buggery deer!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


ok. absolutely going to get this whole thing licked before the end of the weekend.
god, you're nose is getting longer by the minuet.

old, old, old moleskin stuff. i did the lines for this while on the megabus up to edinburgh. thank god i had this to keep me busy on the 9 hour journey. totally worth the horrendous car sickness it induced which, co-insidently, turned out to be another fine distraction from the mind numbing boredom.

that said, if you're getting the day bus up and the weather's good, you'll get to see some breath taking parts of scotland lit up in magic hour lighting. absolutely stunning.

i am making s-t-u-p-i-d-l-y slow progress on this holiday homework. there's too many half finished bits and pieces floating around. need to finish the pencils on this and make another two tickets before this one of the six is done and dusted.

and you still haven't mailed off the russia piece, have you?


Monday, 14 June 2010

pin up for the turning tiger collection which should be happening very, very, VERY soon. holy moses, i can't wait to see it. mr finbow has managed to get a couple of other artists to do something for the back pages which is rather exciting.

eeeeeeuugh. sooooo stiff. and wtf is that composition all about? oh well, if i had things my way, there'd be a crap-ton more drawings of kids hanging out with giant robots/ gnarly monsters. also, totally falling back in love with coral painter even though my first year tutor totally frowned on our whirlwind romances.

p.s i have recently stumbled across the wonderful world of kinetic typography and oh my god, be still my beating heart. this stuff reaches levels of hypnotic that are on par with the lava lamp. enjoy this one put together by an art buddy of mine:

random panel time!

biros? wow, haven't used one of those in a long, loooooooooong time which is curious because they're so the happy middle ground between pens and pencil.

i think we're going to have to do something about that in the not too distant future...

Friday, 11 June 2010


making a start on the second of the six pieces we've got do for martin (gah, still haven't been able to mail off the russia piece since i won't be able to pick that up till... tuseday? FAIL FAIL FAIL). i'm going to be making him some tickets for a couple of the gigs i've caught in the last few months... and it also provides a totally awesome excuse to draw music folk, which is something i go totally ga-ga for.


holy crap, i've missed proper shading.

moly moly moleskin. someone's totally on a venetian mask kick at the moment.

fun things curtousy of youtube!

someone posted this up on their facebook a while ago and i just fell in love with this video. stop motion people for the win!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

they're going to be putting some pin ups in the back of the turning tiger collections which is pretty exciting. the deadline for getting those in is in like... two weeks or something so i think the books going to be going to print very, very soon. i CANNOT wait to see it.

mr finbow asked me if i wanted to do one and for some reason, drawing a little girl and her giant robot buddy play ball seemed like a really good idea. going to be slapping some colours on this when i get a moment but i'm trying to burn through the full moon pages at the moment so i can get started on the liberty.

oh, and homework. don't forget about the homework. the russia print is currently with the lovely people at london displays being printed out all sexy like.


Monday, 7 June 2010

my body is a cage- arcade fire

so flavour of the month over at doodle caboodle ( is songs. there's like 9.2 billion things i'd like to draw for this but there's never going to be enough time. sad face. was listening to arcade fire's my body is a cage and this rather emo-tastic image popped into my head.

it's meant to be a dude trapped under a film of skin but... eh. the hands lack anything close to conviction. a booooooooo. lesson learnt? alway, always, ALWAYS draw that shit out on paper first. you have a fantastic tendency to forget how shit works once you boot up painter.


this isn't one of my favourite songs of theirs but god damn, these guys know how to write a tune. they also hit my weak point for big ensemble pieces with lots of strings and horns for super massive damage. aren't they currently working on a project with spike jonez? oh my god, that shit is going to be tight.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

listening to los campesinos!'s 'we are beautiful, we are doomed'. oh my god. this band is its own special brand of wonderful. go check 'em out. ANYHOO! long over due character sketches for a side project i'm doing with erik.

he writes. i draw. we figured... comic? been working on converting his story into a script. hopefully be able to get cracking on actual pages some time soon.



god, i freaking love big, fuck off clouds. skimming through the article on wikipedia and they have some _fantastic_ pictures. for some reason i keep on drawing these pseudo cumulus-whatever but there are so many interesting types out there. VERIATY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!

coloured with the forbidden program. i think i'm falling back in love with it...


... except not really because we never went because i totally suck. AGH, this took waaaaaaaaay too long. need to find a way to print it off super massive as well. apparently, fellow middlesexers, we can still use the repo graphics department up till the end of term but we need to book an appointment through nancy.

then it's just a case of spending a bomb on postage and packaging and mailing it to martin. i'm thinking novelty sized envelope?

whoar. some fun things can happen once you start fucking around in photoshop. i am determined to find out how to use it, especially after seeing this wonderful step by step: CHECK IT, YO!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

COLOUR! holy freaking crap, that sure is something that's been lacking from the last few posts. this may be old, old news, but it nicely coincides with me getting back into colouring. in an ideal world, i'm going to try and use the TIME (srsly, we don't go back till october. that crack is waaaaaaack) we've got off to get down with the digital/traditional painting. uh... that is when i'm not comic-booking my ass off.

invite for one of my old man's work shindigs. ah, work through nepotism... one day i will learn how to properly work photoshop gradients into colouring.

also, whoever it was that told you to never ever letter by hand was a fucking douch.