Monday, 30 January 2012

what's this? another holiday we're trying to cash in on? GET OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

reportage book project stuff. sorry for the drips and drabs-ey nature that these are going to go up in, but my blog seems to wig out when you try and put more that five images to a post. a booooo.

cover wrap -

page one-

wwwwwwwhich are totally going to get swapped around when it comes to re-jigging this thing. and that'll have to happen sometime before our super final assessment because this thing is chock-a-block with rushed visual faux-pas and things that made my tutors toes go a little on the curly side. aw yeah.

but in the mean time, a "new" release from neutral milk hotel? oh my god yes. their front man's touring this year- how i would have given my eye teeth to go see that. except i think we're going to be in antwerp when that's going down. and tickets are, like, £300.
oh well. you'll always have your ipod.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

hur hur. so the whole up-dating the blog thing hasn't really been happening too much over the last few weeks. i would like to blame mid-year assesments- but now they're out the way, we've got a whole week to back peddle and squander as we see fit. HOOHARR!

got some more illustration-y stuff to put up but hey, everyone loves scribbly naked people, riiiiiiiiiight?

aaaaaaaaand here's a total stop-motion animation sensation. if only all fight scenes were conducted with such majesty...

Sunday, 8 January 2012


oh man. everything about this took about a bajillion times longer than it should have but that's the brighton rock comic finally lick. phew.

well, that's two projects down. only another two to go. BOOYAH!

Friday, 6 January 2012

so one of the projects i'm currently trying to nail down is this book about all the old shops in muswell. what with everything turning everything into yet another supermarket or ubber bougie hair dressers, they're becoming something of an increasingly rare breed.

anyhoo, some in process stuff. i apparently learnt NOTHING from the last talk with the tutor about this because we are still very much in 'AAAAHHH, LET'S JUST DO A LOAD OF SHIT AND CHUCK IT AT THE WALL AND HOPE IT WORKS' vein of things.

(warning. high levels of funky perspective can induce brain aneurisms)

hopefully going to get the brighton rock project licked today. this is not a lie i tell myself.

p.s. recently discovered you made it weird, another wonderful show on the ever expanding nerdist network. holy shit. this show. it's pretty much just pete holmes sitting down with a fellow stand up and rapping for an hour but oh my stars and garters, is it good. HERE'S A LINK TO A PERTICUALRY FINE EPISODE WITH TJ MILLER . put it in your ears, son.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

so the hitchcock poster project got wrapped up a while ago. hurrah! would have posted it here soon but i've been scrambling to get on top of all the other work (least of all the disastertation draft that needs to be in for uncomfortably soon) to acctually get around to doing that. boo!

but oh well, here they are in all their updated glory(?)

(according to the back of the dvd, THAT shower scene took seven days and ten as many cameras to shoot. c-r-a-z-y. also, hitchcock totally poo-pooed the piece of music (you know the one) that bernard herrmann penned to accompany it and didn't want it in the film. fortunatly, hitchcock went off on holiday and herrman slipped it into the final cut. TRUE STORY.

aaaaaaand these old bits of news- NOW WITH ADDED SHITTY TYPOGRAPHY! AWWW YEAH!

was debating adding colour but i don't know... kinda like the black and white. what do you think?