Tuesday, 26 June 2012

oh man. i know i'm normally a little on the tardy side when it comes to putting things up on here, but this might be taking the cake a little bit….

so these are some pages from the sketch book i was carting around _last_ summer. at one point i took a couple days out to visit one of our exchange students in their home trier, germany.

what a time. trier is an_incredibly_ nice place. managed to get quite a bit of sketching in too, so brace yourself for some more chicken-scratch doodles!


meanwhile, caught some snippets of regina spektor's 'what we saw from the cheap seats' over the speakers while waiting for a gig to kick off the other day. while those weren't exactly the most stellar conditions to listen to it in, what made it over the general hubba-baba sounded pretty funky and resulted in a next-day (near) blind buy. i'm quite glad i did that, mostly because it meant i got to hear this:



Friday, 22 June 2012

ah, haven't done too stella a job of updating this thing recently. mostly just been trying to get back into the swing of things following the whirlwind couple of days that was our degree show…

speaking of, hope you've got a strong gag reflex because it's time for the obligatory holyshitit'sallover post. things might get a little… sentimental.

but yes. The Degree Show. that was a thing that happened.

asides from managing to trash the one thing that was going up on my wall at the eleventh hour (i will now be forever grateful for spare print outs. and our tutors who are FREAKING MAGICIANS when it comes to things like mounting, hanging and generally making things look neat and tidy), the show went up without a hitch.

guys. it looked pretty dope. despite the apoplectic stress fest it caused both tutor and students alike, it seems that levelling the fmp up from a 6 to 12 week project really paid off. i would paste in a million and one photos of all the shit hot work but for some reason, can't seem to be able to post more than five pictures per post. boo and hiss and boo. BUT! you can see more of folk's work (along with a really crappy intro by yours truly) HERE.

not going to lie, i am going to miss this course and everyone on it more than you will ever know. had an absolute blast there and couldn't have asked for a more top notch bunch of people to do it with. hell, even our exchange student's were the jam! here's hoping this won't be the last time we work together. lastly, our tutor's are due for a massive thank you. asides from working their socks off, those guys were mad enthusing. i learnt so freaking much from them and everyone else on the course.

so thankyou.


let's got out and destroy the world.

p.s i recently learnt that michael nyman and damon alburn worked together on the score for a little movie called ravenous. it's about cannibals in early america. i watched this film when i was like seven or something.

i remember it being very, very good.

always wanted to go back and revisiting it- and after learning that tit-bit of information (aaaaaalong with the fact it's going for like £2 on amazon), that's a thing that's happening. give this track a listen. it is WONDERFUL.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

so that final major project thing, huh?

initially this was just going to be a comic designed to be read on a computer or some sort of snazzy digital reader do-hicky thing. my tutor though the we could spice it up a bit by adding some interactive elements but then it turned out the programming skillz required would melt minds. so instead we made a movie. here it is. i hope you enjoy it.

sharp teeth is a cracking read by toby barlow. the super dulcet narration was provided by our print tutor phil shaw

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

some pages from this year's macmillan competition offering.

will be putting the rest of it once it's all coloured in and whatnot (which'll hopefully be a thing happening once the degree show's out the way). unfortunately, this time round they were having none of our submissions. but that's totally cool- went along to the show up above foils last week and holy moly. there was some very good stuff there.

here's a gloriously incomplete list of winners and highly commended folk. give them a look. they'll knock your socks off:









bonus content!

'everything is a remix' is a really nifty, bite-sized, homemade documentary looking at how ideas are reused again and again and again in everything from entertainment to innovation. asides from that, once it gets rolling, it is a visual treat. give it a butchers!