Sunday, 27 November 2011

you know what? it's probably high time you posted something that wasn't an exaggerated stick figure. or naked. so here are the finals from our first project as third years for which we had to produce a cover and three illustrations for angela carter's bloody chamber.


the bloody chamber-

puss in boots-

the company of wolves-

except they're not really finals. O PHYCHE! nah, the crit for this pointed out about a billion and one things that could be tweeked and reworked (not to mention the issue of my fantastically gender- channelled women. good god, i really need to learn how to draw things with uteruses) so these are going to get a big fat over haul in time for when they mark us at january. BRING IT.

so if you made it through all these half baked ideas, here's a little something for your efforts:


Sunday, 20 November 2011


scrapped idea from the bloody chamber project. at some very early point in the project, out tutor pointed out that quite a few of our pusses in boots looked liked they were fresh off the stage of the local pantomime/shrek set. from there, i somehow wound up up with this bad lewis caroll acid trip. huh.

aaaaaaaaaaand some more life drawing. now with 100% more clothing.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

so yeah. we're currently in the middle of trying to organise a wee fund raising event to save the rec centerohwaitimean to put towards our degree show. if you'd like to come along to buy some sweet arts and crafts, that would be the greatest. there might also be cake.

one thing there most defiantly will be will be a run of calendars put together by some of the fine folk in our year.

here's my paltry offering for november. i saw such things for this but i seem to be in the midsts of the most glorious self-loathing art funk. blllllllaaaaaarrrrrgh!

on the subject of november, i do believe it's that time of year that the men folk do their best to grow some illustrious upper lip hair. may all your moustaches be long and prosperous!

Sunday, 6 November 2011


so for our first project, the powers that be had us illustrating selected stories from angela carter's the bloody chamber. if we manage to come up with anything half way decent, the finals will be sent to duke it out in the folio society's latest competition.

here's a buch of half baked ideas. there were a lot of those. seems like the key thing they want to drill into us this year is how INSANELY important it is to keep pushing and pushing and pushing your ideas.

Friday, 4 November 2011

belated happy halloween! i failed miserably at celebrating it this year. here's hoping you did a much better job of it.

today is crit day. pass the gravy boat because this thing is going to be a roast. oh well. once that lovely business is out the way, i'm going to do my darndest to update this thing with some slightly more recent/relevant nonsense.

aaaaaaaand before this thing gets to morose, here's a fun little ditty about the four stringed wonder that is the ukulele. i am ALL OVER the accompanying art by Shepard Fairey.