Wednesday, 18 February 2009

brain storming for issue #2 of folio. ramblings leftover from an email.

#1- basically, i couldn't come up with j/s at first so i thought i'd milk the net idea for all it's worth. gimmicky, but not thematically accurate.

2#- wooooooow, shitty drawing. basically, the idea was to have this little homely house amidst this sprawl of faceless tower blocks. kinda like it and i swear to god i can actually draw buildings from above (...most of the time).

3#- go figure.

4#- bwuah? man sitting inside an alcove in someone's chest? i was trying to play around with the whole 'home is where the heart is mantra but i think i took it a little too surreal-y.

5#- unlike here. where there's a little house shaped hole where little miss emo's heart should be. like the idea, but would draw it differently; at the moment, that pen sketch smacks of meh.

colour? lol, whutz that?

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