Wednesday, 13 May 2009

and speaking of ripping things off...

i tottally gorged on gabriel ba with a back to back reading of the umbrella acadamy and cassanova TPBs. my god, that man can draw the the shit out of a comic.

but yeah, it's lead to me starting up my milk tost imperssination of him again with this illustration for the student paper. i didn't get a chance to read the article which was super crap on my part but i think it's about students sneaking into high-society events. uuuugh, this was done very late at night with very little planning and thought. i have no idea how they're going to fit it into the page. the paper's only a5 but this thing's got akward dimensions so it's probably going to be super tiny.

artistic angst asides, may i present to you a super awsome trailer:

oh HELLS yes.

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