Tuesday, 2 June 2009

managed to catch 'let the right one in' while it was on release and HOLY MOLY did that film blow me away. seriously, it was the perfect rebound from twilight (which, as much as it pains me to admit, i didn't outright hate... although that may only be down to the unintentionaly high rofl factor what with all the doddgy special effects, ott teenage anguish, SUPER INTENSE FACE ACTING and VAMPIRE BASEBALL. oh, and radiohead in the credits was pretty sweet).

if you've never heard of this little gem, it's the touching story of the budding relationship between a wee boy and girl... except she just happens to be a blood thristy vampire. there's some absolutly top notch acting from the two young leads and the stark setting of 80s stolkhome lends itself perfectly to the grim, dark story. do your self a favour and catch this on dvd when it comes out.

also, are vampires this year's zombies? i hear that the oldboy director's got a film about a vampiric preist coming out sometime soon...

hoo boy. this post is more waffly than house of pancakes

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