Sunday, 6 December 2009

old guff from the mole skin. these were done wwwwwwwaaaaaaaay back in... autumn of last year? anyhoo, every sunday there's a farmer's market up at alexandra palace. it's delightfully middle class. there are also hundreds of dogs. i don't know, bringing your mutt, which is essentially just a bottomless stomach on legs, to a place swarming with meat and cheese seems like something of a cruel practice.

p.s. we didn't go and see 2012. the show sold out so we had to settle with the decent 2. i remember the first one preeeeeeeety intense. this was not. if you like rapid quick cuts to sharp pointy things going into soft gooey things then this is the movie for you. however, if you measure your movies by little things like plot, charaterization and, you know, acting, you'd do well to avoid.

that said, the unintentional hilarity was hilarious. there is nothing quite like watching a pack of women hacking off a man's arm with a pick axe and showering in the GOUTS of blood spraying from the unfortunate appendage like they were in a panten pro v advert.

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