Saturday, 9 January 2010

so our holiday homwork over christmas was to come up with the perfect gift for a famous dead dude or dudett. our ficticious secret santa was chosen at random from a hat and i managed to bag orson welles (atleast, i think it was orson welles. it might have been george orwell and my memory was once again proving it's sive like worth BUT OH WELL).

good gravy, that man was awesome. there was an orson welles season on tv over christmas and it was a real eye opener to what a talent/personality he was. it's such a shame that he was pretty much constantly screwed over by the studio system once he stopped being flavour of the month. you can read all about it here ->

anyhoo, here's all the SUPERLY FABULOUSE INTENIVE/EXTENSIVE reserch done for this brife. oh, and ther's some festive wrapping paper featuring (OH SNAP SON, SPOILERS FOR A 70 YEAR OLD FILM COMING UP)rosebud to boot.

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