Sunday, 16 May 2010

stuff for the doodle caboodle. when i grow up, i would very much like to be shit hot at the ukulele. i'm pretty musically challenged though so it's probably never going to happen.

drew this one while listening to kings of leon's king of the rodeo and the bucket. ALOT.

man, those are some super fun songs. the picture was done was done with sharpened coffee stirrers. i'm a bit shit at playing with line texture and the stuff i do with pens always ends up looking super duper clean (BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG). note to self: think about experimenting with brush pens (looking at fabio moon and francis manapul's stuff always gets me super psyched about dabbling with those things. GO CHECK THOSE CATS OUT. THEY'RE PRETTY SICK).


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