Sunday, 21 November 2010

hoy hoy comrades! so for this current project, we were tasked with finding a news article and making a sequence to go along with it. man, i am loving how much more open to interpretation the briefs are this year. and how they seem to end with me getting really enthusiastic about things i'd sworn off like plauge after year one- i.e print making and, in this case, animation.

frame from the first crack i took at this. i got mid-way through the second sequence and had to throw in the towel. that kinda sucked (although maybe not quite so much the cheery email informing us that we had one week less than thought to get this thing in the can. A CAN I HEAR YOU SAY WOOP WOOP?!?). but not nearly as much as what i was churning out. anatomy was being disregarded something awful and the whole thing was as smooth as velcro. blegh.

crack two. i've been roughing these out on layout paper and polishing them up in photoshop and so far, so good. fingers crossed that the whole thing doesn't shit the bed when it gets ported over to *shudder* after effects.

if all goes well and i don't die in the process, the final animation should be up by next weekend. OPTIMISM HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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