Monday, 31 January 2011

aaaaand that's that for that. man, totally wishing i'd decided to do the whole shebang in the 1/4 page format... although that would have meant doing something like 24 four drawings.

that would have been a little suicidal.


Mitchell Hammond said...

Hey, it's Predator from Spill - just wanted to say Gawd Damn, your work is amazing. Seriously jaw dropping, looks extremely professional and quite inspiring!

Keep on keeping on, yo.

Alex Moore said...

oh man, i checked out your blog a while back and that animation you're working on is FREAKING JAW DROPPING. seriously, that thing is slick. i cannot wait to see the final thing. how much longer till it's all wrapped up do you recon?

thank you very much, man! glad you liked.

Mitchell Hammond said...

I originally thought that maybe I'd have it done around June/July... but knowing me it'll probably get finished later on in the year. If I have a new idea for a scene it'll set me back about a month just to draw and animate it.


And no probz, drawing's a damn chore and us doodlers need all the support we can get.