Thursday, 19 May 2011

self initiated pages.

ugh. now it's all said and done, totally not happy with how i went about this. as tutor man said, i was waaaaaaaay too focused on trying to cover as much ground as humanly possible instead of aiming for a smaller target and making something that was far, far tighter.


i don't know, if there's a chance this summer, i'd really like to take another crack at this, but treat it a bit more like a picture book. eric's writing is totally shwaay anyway and doesn't need to be rail-roaded by mediochar art AND OH MY, ARNE'T WE BEING QUITE THE LITTLE SELF PITYING ARTIST TODAY.

in other news, they are letting us draw ALL OVER our campus as part of the little send off party. i am alex's overwhelming, quivering excitement.

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