Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SIDE QUEST! so our department's teamed up with an author who's putting together a collection of poems about imaginary saints. she provides the words. we provide the pictures. the selection process is all a little battle royal, but we got to have a look at all the submissions last week and there were no end of totally fly entries. hot dog, this book's going to be mighty minty.

the patron saint of remaindered books:



the patron sait of enthusiasts:

maybe not so meh?

was going to spam this thing up with links to other folks' submissions, but there's not too many of those floating about the internests yet. boo. HOWEVER, here's LEFKI'S PRETTY PIMP ILLUSTRATION FOR THE PATRON SAINT OF INFIDEL GIRLS. man alive. i'm digging her brush work.

anyway. here's a super fun song about saints.

and here's a photo of neil gaiman singing said song.


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