Thursday, 9 August 2012

so one of the things i'm working on at the moment is a project with one of the masters graphic design students from the old university. his fmp is all about teaching the youth of today with their iphones and ipods and other shiny things beginning with 'i' the joy of games that time forgot. one of the ways he's doing this is with a series of flip books illustrating three such games.

i guess this is where i come in, huh?

more on this at some future time.


speaking of animation, there are some freaking amazing animated projects looking for funding on that newfangled kick-starter thing. i am, for instance, way too excited about this (and may have thrown some change at it).

holy shit. when you see the footage and he's all like "oh yeah, i've done all this myself" it's like…. SAY WHAT???

… shit like this is such a kick up the ass.

more on that !!!!!HERE!!!!

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