Thursday, 29 January 2009

aaaaand another art jam entry for this week. this time round, the theme's 'the spirit'. i know bugger all about the original comic book series... so i guess that means i probably have just as good a grasp of it as frank miller.

i am a little too morbidly curious about that film for my own good...

damn you open canvas. why'd you have to go munch the image resolution like that?



CaptainChants said...

Diggin this. Love the gradient thing you got going on in the image too.

I'm like you on this film... I wanna go see it sooooo bad, just because of all the terrible reviews it's got!!

Alex Moore said...

thanks, it something i've seen a lot of people do and it looks pretty funky so i just had to steal the idea.

mmm, there is a certain guilty pleasure that comes from watching a film so bad it crosses right back over into being awesome.

that said, i've heard the spirit sucks so hard that it goes back to being bad again.