Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dear Alex Moore,

 There is a fine line between homage and blatantly ripping something off. I thought I made my feelings clear when I brought your aping of Ba's style to your attention, however now i find you trying doing the exact same thing with bentteo. You really are quite shameless, you know.

Yours sincerely, 

Your Artistic Integrity. 

aaaand finally the cover for the student journal/paper. the theme was reconnecting and this idea seemed to go down the best with people. best to try and ignore the chick's freaky-deaky arm though, amiright? 


Elen Griffiths said...

Dear Alex Moore,

Whilst I must agree that I find your shameless plagiarism from unheard-of artists exceptionally shameful, I also have to add that I am very much in approval of your latest image. I find it fabulous. And I am very grateful for your contribution of this fabulous rip-off image to our journal.
Keep up the good work,
Your Grateful Recipient

Alex Moore said...

dear elen,

you should check them out chick hack. they are fab-U-louse (of course? why else would i try to {poorly} mimic their super fresh styles at every given opportunity?!)

for enlightenment, click the link!

p.s. super glad to hear you like it. how's the journal coming along anyhoo?