Monday, 27 July 2009

so one thing i've been wanting to more of is doodle responses to stuff i've seen/watched/heard/read. could be a fun way to stretch the old visual vocabulary since i've pretty much been thinking in panels for the last god knows how long.

managed to catch 'moon' while it was on general release. before going in, a friend warned me he'd read a review that said the film blew it's wad in terms of the big reveal pretty early on. he wasn't wrong there but turns out it doesn't really matter since the film finds a bunch of other ways to keep the tension taunt through out.

sam rockwell, sam rockwell and sam rockwell give brilliant turns (powerful too. there are a number of devastating reveals in this that this guy just hammers home) as multiple versions of a miner who's at the end of his three year contract on the moon. the on board a.i played by kevin spacey injects some variation in the limited cast and is a neat take on the archetype.

this flick really is a looker. the film switches between the moon's surface and station. the latter's got this wonderful, used vibe. rather than some slick, soulless, sterile setting, it really looks like it's been lived in and there are a tone of neat details that add extra layers. oh, and the soundtrack. clint mansell is a fricking genius when it comes to putting a score together.

all in all, if your looking for a slower paced, thoughtful sci fi movie, you really can't go wrong with this.

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