Monday, 7 June 2010

my body is a cage- arcade fire

so flavour of the month over at doodle caboodle ( is songs. there's like 9.2 billion things i'd like to draw for this but there's never going to be enough time. sad face. was listening to arcade fire's my body is a cage and this rather emo-tastic image popped into my head.

it's meant to be a dude trapped under a film of skin but... eh. the hands lack anything close to conviction. a booooooooo. lesson learnt? alway, always, ALWAYS draw that shit out on paper first. you have a fantastic tendency to forget how shit works once you boot up painter.


this isn't one of my favourite songs of theirs but god damn, these guys know how to write a tune. they also hit my weak point for big ensemble pieces with lots of strings and horns for super massive damage. aren't they currently working on a project with spike jonez? oh my god, that shit is going to be tight.

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