Monday, 14 June 2010

pin up for the turning tiger collection which should be happening very, very, VERY soon. holy moses, i can't wait to see it. mr finbow has managed to get a couple of other artists to do something for the back pages which is rather exciting.

eeeeeeuugh. sooooo stiff. and wtf is that composition all about? oh well, if i had things my way, there'd be a crap-ton more drawings of kids hanging out with giant robots/ gnarly monsters. also, totally falling back in love with coral painter even though my first year tutor totally frowned on our whirlwind romances.

p.s i have recently stumbled across the wonderful world of kinetic typography and oh my god, be still my beating heart. this stuff reaches levels of hypnotic that are on par with the lava lamp. enjoy this one put together by an art buddy of mine:

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