Saturday, 16 April 2011

first lot of pages from the self initiated project, a.k.a tekeshi's castle isn't as challenging as this.

i don't know, there's a ton of things i want to try and deal with with this.

• first off, the whole thing's going to be totally hand made. i've become WAAAAAY too reliant on photoshop when it comes to colouring. time to grow some balls and do some water colouring.
•painfully slow work rate. recently, it's been taking me FOREVER to make even baby steps on the liberty. we've only got about 6 weeks for this project so i'm totally going to have to pick up the pace if i want to get all 24 pages drawn, coloured and lettered.
•quit being so damn 'DUHRRR LOOK AT ME DRAWING'. this has been a recurring criticism from my totally awesome tutors over the last two years. i'd over-draw a frigging line if you let me. hopefully with this, most of the work's going to be in the colour. this is partly because when i grow up, i would quite like to be gipi :

four weeks to go. got two more pages to lay out and 13 drawn. this could quite possibly be doable.

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