Saturday, 16 April 2011

initial drawing and colour test for yet another of those pesky screen prints. HA, you say that like you've done a shed-load of these. so far, you've only done FOUR over the course of the whole year and really, you've only really got time to do one more of these before the end of year crit.


on the up side, this is quite possibly the only existing example of you using a colour scheme that doesn't consist of brown, brown and brown. well done you.

WOOOOOOW, that was a whole lot of self piteous bitching and moaning. here is some totally rad music to make up for it:

holy freaking hell. i LOVE this little ditty. pretty hyped for the film it's from too since folk are describing hanna as a totally nuts art-house action flick. HE-LLO!

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