Wednesday, 20 July 2011

DONE! well thank god for that. lets hope the next thing you try and do for this project doesn't take two months because other wise i've got a very bad feeling about productivity.

in other news, this week has been a pretty awesome week for getting things in the mail. first up, i got a physical copy of 'now i am twenty' by nowhere again who were super cool enough to let me do art chores on the album;

feast your ears right here;

if you think this could be a keeper on your mp3 player, l you can download the digital album down at their bandcamp page for the low, low price of whatever you feel like paying. if you want the physical copy, it's £3 and you get that very, very funky pop up case photoed above. and, of course, some heavy tunes.

second thing to come in the mail was this:

richmond clements and i did this for the good people at renegade arts roughly two years ago, but it's only just gone to print. needless to say, this is still OMGWTFBBQ levels of exciting. if you feel like snapping up a copy and pouring over richmond's super fly story about a giant millitary robot on the run (and some "old" art by me), you should be able to buy it soon on the RENEGADE ARTS STORE

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