Monday, 18 July 2011

JENNY , a foundation buddy from way back, is doing something really cool with her summer. she's managed to get permission to renovate a retirement home down into camberwell and is planning turn it into a totally rad blast from the past. the sketches are for potential vinyl wall stickers. because who doesn't love 40s swingers (and not the kinky kind. although i bet they'd be all kinds of fun too).

remember these guys? speaking of nostalgia, i'm taking part in an exhibition down at my old school where they're getting a bunch of ex-students to show our stuff. figured this would be a fine excuse to finish off the children's book from last year. mostly just throwing these up here for reference because drawing from massive sketch books is such a pain in the keister.

lastly, saw a poster for this up in the windows of one of those wonderfully hip and trendy galleries down in old street. i know nothing about this book other than i yearn it.

oh alex. you're such a sucker for anything nicely drawn.

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