Monday, 26 September 2011

playing around with some ideas for business cards for a friend. oh man. i want to turn that last one into a stupidly massive poster so very, very badly.

aaaaaaaaaand speaking of stupid massive posters, another thing for the summer project wherein i think i can make like chris ware.

HA! riiiiiiiiiiiight. you tell yourself that. and oh my god, perspective. i love you and all but this nearly destroyed me. so many scrapped attemps... and i still prefer the thumbnail that took a micro of a fraction to scribble down... #IRONY

ON A MORE CHEERY NOTE, i totally didn't know that yann tiersen had music out there beyond his soundtrack work. man knows how to pen a tune. also, even if this particular track takes a while to warm up, stick around for the outro. it might make your heart soar...

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