Tuesday, 27 September 2011

what's on the drawing board today....

hopefully going to get the rest of the pencils licked and slap on some water colours before the end of the afternoon... #OPTIMISM?HOWCUTE

far more exciting (please note that the word 'exciting' is about to be bastardised because i'm about to launch into a totally boring anecdote and bitch-whine like a total bitch) though is the means to which these photos were brought to you. in case you hadn't noticed, i really fucking love taking snaps of things (namely creepy ones of you when you're not looking) and then waste away hours of my life tweaking them in photoshop. when i got an iphone at the beginning of summer and discovered instagram it was like freaking christmas all over again. NOW IT WAS EVEN EASIER TO TAKE PHOTOS OF UNSUSPECTING VICTIMS! AND YOU COULD ADD A HIPSTER DOUCHBAG FILTER AT THE TOUCH OF THE BUTTON! OH CALOO CALLAY!

but then the latest update happened. the tilt shift tool was way less malleable and the gotham filter was gone. GONE. again, total first world problems, but LOL WUT????????? THAT FILTER WAS MY HOMEBOY! unlike instergram's other black and white filter, it was great at giving your pallid snaps a shot in the arm and transform them into something crazy bold and striking...

RIP gotham. you will be missed.

so in the fallout of this most tragic of losses, i was pottering around the internet to see what everybody else thought of this gross miscarriage of justice and came across a link to an app called snapseed.

oh wow.

this thing... it's incredible. contrast, focal points, filters, textures... the extent to which you can tinker and fine-tune your photos with this thing is NUTS. and it's only like £2.50. for a mini version of photoshop in your palm, i would STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting your grubby little mitts on this.


god. so sorry for that. here's a podcast. it's about comics. and if my sense of humour could be anyone, i'd hope it would be these two.
Awesomed By Comics: Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #151: This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by THE BEST POWERPUFF GIRLS FANFICTION SOMEONE WHOSE SILLY NAME I GOOGLED H...

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