Sunday, 16 October 2011

aaaaand that's that for the summer project (note to self- do something about that horrendously illegible lettering. SOMEONE thought they were going to be all super cool and slap some filters all over this on their twat phone. someone didn't notice that totally ate up the resolution and scuffed up the text to fuck. which proved to be a killer combination. and not in some bodatious 90's way.). how timely too since this was back to school week.

it's crazy. school was out for summer for what felt like F O R E V E R- but now we're back it's like we never left (er, asides from the small detail of them bulldozing our old kooky campus and transplanting us into something that feels like FUTURE HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE but that's only a minor detail, right?). oh reletivity, you mind fuck, you.

and then it was time for some nostalgic holiday snaps.

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