Sunday, 13 November 2011

so yeah. we're currently in the middle of trying to organise a wee fund raising event to save the rec centerohwaitimean to put towards our degree show. if you'd like to come along to buy some sweet arts and crafts, that would be the greatest. there might also be cake.

one thing there most defiantly will be will be a run of calendars put together by some of the fine folk in our year.

here's my paltry offering for november. i saw such things for this but i seem to be in the midsts of the most glorious self-loathing art funk. blllllllaaaaaarrrrrgh!

on the subject of november, i do believe it's that time of year that the men folk do their best to grow some illustrious upper lip hair. may all your moustaches be long and prosperous!

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