Sunday, 27 November 2011

you know what? it's probably high time you posted something that wasn't an exaggerated stick figure. or naked. so here are the finals from our first project as third years for which we had to produce a cover and three illustrations for angela carter's bloody chamber.


the bloody chamber-

puss in boots-

the company of wolves-

except they're not really finals. O PHYCHE! nah, the crit for this pointed out about a billion and one things that could be tweeked and reworked (not to mention the issue of my fantastically gender- channelled women. good god, i really need to learn how to draw things with uteruses) so these are going to get a big fat over haul in time for when they mark us at january. BRING IT.

so if you made it through all these half baked ideas, here's a little something for your efforts:



Elen Griffiths said...

Puss in Boots - inspired - looks properly scary!

Alex Moore said...

ha! thanks man!