Tuesday, 20 December 2011

a little work in progress. the (still unfinished) brighton rock comic project was getting dangerously close to turning me into a full blown manic depressant... so i opted to do the sensible thing AND TOTALLY BLOW IT OFF. NYAH!

in the mean time i thought i'd try and totally blitz one of the smaller projects so i've, you know, actually got something finished. so yeah, hitchcock posters. so far this has been a blast, AND an excellent excuse to watch some totally ace films. got to design four of these using three colours. once i've got the lot of them drawn out, i'm going to start twiddling with the pallet and lettering but so far we've got:

north by north west


and the birds

god, this SCENE. shit's so tense. this film also makes me totally take back all the smack i may have said about hitchcock tending to screw the ending after watching psycho and nxnw. what a totally creepy last shot.

aaaand now all the unrelated crap;

sketchbook junk:

a totally rad episode of the nerdist podcast with penn jillette. hot dog. this guy is just a fountain of great stories.



Elen Griffiths said...

LOVE the poster for the Birds! that film is superscary

Alex Moore said...