Friday, 23 December 2011

so with that whole christmas thing round the corner, i guess it's probably SEASONAL BLOG DUMP TIME.

so as part of our efforts to make the green to cover the degree show, our year set up shop for the last week of term. folk made a whole ton of funky festive themed stuff. one of the things we put together was an advencalendar. ok, so we didn't choose the most time effective way to put it together, but it ended up looking pretty tight! not to mention all the artwork everyone did. here's my offering:

asides from that, people also made a tone of cards and decorations. check these out!:

fredrick eden's christmas cards. perfect for animal lovers everywhere.

eileen kwan's totally dapper cards and labels.

these hand made decorations abi moulder put together. whoar

aaaaaaaaand here's the art for the cards i whipped up:

well that was that. MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR TOMORROW! oh man, i hope you all have a great one.


edensworkblog said...

Happy Christmas (even though it is more like happy new year now.) I love your Christmas stuff!

And thanks for sharing the link to my site :)

Alex Moore said...

no worries! what is the internet for if not spreading that good stuff all over it?

thanks dog! you'll be glad to know mrs. moore was rather taken with you're christmas card...

well, fight the good fight and all that jazz!