Friday, 27 April 2012


oh my stars and garters are we in the thick of it now. here's some fmp stuff.

yesterday, fourteen hours were spent trying and sort of not totally failing at running it through after effects.

that was… an experience.

many thanks to eileen, katie and amber for their endless patience and tolerating my total inability to grasp that program.

aaaaaand in other news, FINALLY got around to making amends to the bloody chamber brief. more on that soooooooon. hopefully.


but enough about those things. other folk are doing some crazy cool shit for this fop malarky. do yourself a favour and take a goosey gander at some of these works in progress:


podcast plug! do you like listening to people rip the shit out of shitty movies? if so, give this episode of HOW DID THIS GET MADE a spin. up on the chopping block this time round is burlesque. and it is glorious.


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