Monday, 23 April 2012

so last week we got to have a go at pitching ideas for the communication pathway's catalogue that'll be doing the rounds at our degree show. here are somethings my grey matter shat out:

i don't know…. kinda liked this idea (if only because it meant you got to draw a 'ham-era' o ho ho ho) but alas. it didn't even make it to the pitch meeting on account it would wig out all the vegetarians. plus it's pretty friggin' gross.

needless to say, these will not be adorning the catalogue because someone in graphics came up with a totally kick-ass idea involving vhs's. delicious!

this post's podcast recommendation come way of the nerdiest. again. but this episode is freaking of the chain. mr hardwick and co. sit down with the voice actors from pinkey and the brain and insanity ensues.

and now it's time for a totally unrelated photo.

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