Monday, 21 May 2012

more drips and drabs from the Final Major Project. the comic itself is done, but i still need to 'animated' it for our degree show so i'm going to wait for that miracle to happen (ha!) before sticking the whole thing up here.

gosh. what a tease.

in the mean time, here's a handful of links to some of the other middlesex folk's outcomes for this whole Final Major Project thing. check it. they're totally rad.

fredrik's fake freak show, abi's collaged children's book, and some rather spiffy animations by katie and eileen.

aaaaand then there's this crazy map hector's putting together. it was still in the process of being finished when i took the photos but it is totally one of my favourite things ever:

god damn guys. god damn.

some things are still being worked on. but you can come and see them in all their finished glory at the truman brewery between the 8th and 11th of june. more on that right over--------> HERE

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