Thursday, 17 May 2012's over.

but not really. apparently the fat lady's booked in to play our degree show because that's when we officially put this degree business to bed.

so. i will hold off getting all mushy and sentimental until then. besides, there's still a crap tone of work to be done before our show at the truman goes up! hell yeeeaaaahhh!!

in the mean time HOLY SHIT YOU ACTUALLY RE-DID THAT BLOODY CHAMBER PROJECT. and just in time for hand in too…

company of wolves:

the bloody chamber:

puss in boots:


ok. so not quite as disastrous as last time… perhaps? i'll leave that up to you. and the external examiner. oo err.

while we're on the topic of thugs with rather twisted sexual undertones, i recently discovered the rather twisted world of jeremie perin. the guy is responsible for some of the most cockamamie bug fuck insane music videos you EVER have seen. you will be left reaching for the soul-bleach. that i promise.

here's one that's not quite so lude. actually, it's pretty beautifully animated... and the art/ character work is freaking stunning. that said, this started off looking like it was going to be pretty freakin' pervy. but then the two minuet mark happened. and things went more bananas than gwen stiffani could ever imagine….

finally, today is happy norway day- so go out and have yourselves a rip-roaringly good time!

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