Monday, 16 July 2012

and here's the thrilling conclusion of "sketchbook stuff you did when you went to trier last year."

man, i wish i'd drawn more. especially in the workshop brian had rented out. holy batman, that place was FREAKING. AMAZING. brian was this artist they'd brought in to organise this massive instillation in town. although i missed the final thing, i was there while he was putting it together- he had this whole warehouse full of these massive crazy lanterns that had been built by both him and the locals. it was quite the sight.

but what's this? obligatory link to something with nothing to do with anything time? why not!

i don't think i'd actually even know how to hold a video game controller if you gave me one now, but i sure do like listening to the guys over at the indoor kids chin wag about them. asides from being a total hoot, this show often turns to the social impact of games and how they depict that old chestnut, "THE OTHER".

this is one such episode.

till next time!

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