Sunday, 1 July 2012

so now you've joined the horde of recently graduated and woefully unemployed ex-students, you're going to be updating the shit out of this blog, right?


aaaaaaapparently not.

wait wait wait! i haven't been being totally crap! actually, been keeping myself pretty busy- there are things in the works that i should be able to show you soon. like little people about to go toe to you with big, fuck off japanese monsters:

a little snippet from something that will hopefully be going in the back of a book doing with markosia. fingers crossed.

in the meantime, i bring you the head of our former life-drawing teacher!

part of a series of drawings (resulting in some rather nifty tea towels) we put together as a thank you gift for our tutor folk. we're rather sentimental like that.

so a while back there was an episode of the nerdist where one of those most hostfull of hosts mentioned that they couldn't get enough of a group called 'pale young gentlemen'. i followed up this hot tip. my ears have been thanking me ever since.

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